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“Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail.”

          Param Machines and Moulds, (Param : Supreme [in Sanskrit]) is a company established in 2013, for manufacture and supply of Machinery and parts for making RCC Concrete Pipes, Box Culvert, Manholes and other precast products. This company was set up only due to the request of many Existing Pipe Manufacturers for providing economical and simple solutions for the problems they were facing while running the plant. Since then, with extensive technical knowledge and strong marketing and management strategy the company has been able to lead the Precast Concrete Pipes Industry.

Param Machines and Moulds

Param Machines and Moulds


D G Ravishankar Gowda Proprietor

Mr. D G Ravishankar Gowda, is the sole proprietor of the company. Mr. Ravishankar is an Engineer from M. S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology. He has spent almost all of his career in Machine shops and Precast Concrete Machinery Industry, which has enabled him to obtain tremendous amounts of knowledge and experience in the field of Design, Manufacturing and Marketing. Having travelled extensively around the globe to various precast concrete pipe industries and providing them with on site support on various issues has enhanced his expertise in Precast Concrete products. Mr. Ravishankar believed that Precast Concrete Industry needed more rigid products and economical solutions which ultimately led him in establishing the firm and has been triumphantly managing the company and satisfying our various clients.

Structure of the Organisation

At Param Machines and Moulds, we believe that all the stages of the machine from the clients order to even after the plant setup, have equal priority and thereby we give importance to each and every step we take. To do this we structure our organisation in such a way that progress of the job is not hindered. The three structures of the company are as follows:

  • Our Design and Development is at the base of the structure. Our team consists of several experienced Designers who design each machine and every part of the machine separately to meet the needs of the client. We use professional design tools and softwares to make 3D and 2D Models of the Machines and its Parts. All of our clients are extremely happy with our design samples and finalised design presentations. Only after the successful completion of the designs and model developments and the go ahead signal from the client we send our designs to the Manufacturing and Inspection Team.

  • Our Manufacturing and Inspection consists of several Engineers, Fitters and many other required technicians. Our experienced Manufacturing team enables us to manufacture components quickly and on priority even with third party vendors. At every stage they work with the Design and development team to make sure all the required processes of the components are completed and thereby the required accuracy and quality is maintained. Our Inspection team double checks each component to make sure all parameters are met and are quality is maintained. After a thorough check the next department takes over the project.

  • Our Team of Assembly, Training and Support consists of various technicians like engineers, welders, fitters and more in order to provide the best services at the site of the Plant. This team works with both our Design Team and Manufacturing Team to install the machine at the plant and to optimise the productivity of our Machine and the plant as well. Despite we making our Machine extremely simple to operate, we do give rigorous training to on site operators and engineers so that the entire plant is self sufficient. Our engineers also frequently visit the plants to inspect the operations of our machines and to take the feedback our masterpiece.

Different Structures of the Organisation

Different Structures of the Organisation